japan April 27, 2013


Today I got the PDF of a 5 page spread on a project I shot while working with Prof. James Dawes on War Crimes in China during WWII… a project I was having a lot of problems finding funding for. Lucky that Jim saw the value and found funding. On my way to work at the World Economic Forum (in China) I spend a week working – A few years latter most of the people photographed had died.

I am less enthusiastic about the title Harvard choose for the book… but then again if I had written my grants using such language perhaps I might have received funding and been able to document more of these brave men willing to tell their stories of how the Japanese military training of WWII turned civilians into war criminals. This work relates to the present day and that is why I was interested in the project; it is a process of desensitization repeated over millenia.

April 26, 2013